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Obsession Cruises Terms & Conditions:


All prices are in AUD$ and include 10% GST. Prices subject to change. Surcharge for public holiday applies.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. The balance must be paid in full at least 5 days prior to your charter. No payment will be refunded should you have to cancel, although you are able to postpone to another date, dependant on availability, up to one week prior to the date of the charter.


If the weather is dangerous for boating the charter will be postponed. If on the day we agree with you that the weather is not suitable for charter purposes, at our discretion you may postpone your charter at no additional cost. Catering charges may still apply in the event of postponement.


No shoes, including thongs, to be worn onboard, with the exception of boat shoes (soft, flat shoes with white soles.)


No person will be allowed to board the boat intoxicated. Substantial food is to be served and consumed throughout the charter. In the event of bad or drunken behaviour, as deemed by the skipper, the skipper reserves the right to terminate the charter. No monies shall be refunded.


Wharf fees apply at some Sydney wharves - $40 per charter.


Swimming is at the passengers own risk and once you enter the water that signifies to us that you are swimming at your own risk. Please bring your own towels.

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This was our first Sydney Harbour boat hire, and it surpassed all of our expectations. Everything about the day was wonderful - the boat, the food, the weather, and we even did some sailing which was very exciting. We got to see lots of beautiful things on the Harbour and the captain was very informative about the history of some of the islands. Highly recommended!

-Judith and Lesley Thompson, Gold Coast


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